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Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty

In lindsay lohan, Uncategorized on November 2, 2008 at 8:42 am

What’s up this week on Ugly Betty? What the network won’t tell you.

This week’s episode, Hiroshima

On last week’s episode, Crimes of Fashion, America Ferrera pulled down Lindsay Lohan’s pants only to discover Lohan had the same underwear designer as Britney Spears.

Lohan went into a corner and cried, had a couple of gaffers to fill the time, then went back to the set realizing she hasn’t worked in two years and needs the $500,000 per episode she is getting.

This week, Lindsay Lohan drops the F-bomb all over the show at anyone and everyone. She plots her revenge.

Next week’s show, Jump. That’s exactly what Lohan does. Originally having a 6 show contract, she leaves after the 4th show.