ABC Cancels “Life on Mars”

In Uncategorized on March 5, 2009 at 2:58 am

ABC announced the cancelation of Life on Mars. We have the exclusive footage of the final scene you will not see.


The final show will be of him waking from a coma, only to discover he can no longer relate to the 21st Century. During a staff meeting in 2009, he goes crazy and runs to the roof of a building and jumps off. We have the actual footage below of what really happened.


On the show they’ll have you believe after he leaps, he goes back to 1973 where his entire precinct buddies are about to be murdered and he shoots the gunman.


The reason for the cancelation is this show had no creativity. Imagine Sam waking up after his coma only to discover he now owns LOTS of stock in Microsoft, Google and Apple. Better yet, he had gold bullion – which is now selling for $1,000 per ounce – stored away. Screw going back to 1973.


Only once on the show did they have fun with it. It was at a night club and he runs into Jim Croce. Sam says, “Stay away from private airplanes.”


Imagine running into Nixon and saying, “You should go on David Frost. Remember, it’s more honorable to resign than be impeached.”


How about running into John Lennon? Wouldn’t it be appropriate to say, “Watch out for guys from Hawaii”? John Belushi – “What ever you do, don’t do drugs with a woman who’s not your wife in a condo in L.A.”


Introducing Ron Howard to Tom Hanks. Saying to Garry Marshall, “Remember the ’50s? Those sure were happy days.” Running into George Lucas and saying, “American Graffiti was great, but I’d love to see you do a space movie. Maybe a series of them.”


My favorite would be going to Hollywood and pick up Farrah Fawcett three years before Charlie’s Angels started, when she was on a TV show called “The Great American Beauty Contest.” That would make going back to 1973 worthwhile and believable in the final episode. To save his squad?



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